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TQ-E²MS layout printed circuit boards

As an E²MS system supplier (E²MS = Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services), TQ is there for you at every stage of your project - according to your wishes and requirements.

In addition to electronics development, PCB layout (also called PCB design or PCB design), including proper PCB unbundling, is a good entry point into TQ's electronics services.

Ihre Vorteile:

  • High PCB quality
    • Through intensive contact with various TQ-audited PCB manufacturers and the application of defined design rules, your printed circuit board is produced in high quality and at low cost.
  • High assembly quality
    • Through cooperation and feedback from TQ's own assembly production, we keep our assembly line up-to-date and place your components on your PCB according to the electrical requirements.
  • Best possible testability of the module
    • Test procedures are coordinated with the TQ specialist department for test equipment development at an early stage. Thus, an optimal test depth is achieved low.
  • Fast start of production
    • Internal reviews in the different design phases avoid redesigns. This saves you time and costs.
  • Our holistic view of your design across the entire process chain allows you to benefit from low product costs.

Our know-how:

  • HDI/Microvia design (BGA, µBGA)
  • Flex/Starrflex design
  • EMC-compatible design
  • Impedance-controlled high speed design (e.g. DDR3, DDR4, PCI Express, RapidIO, LVDS, SATA, USB 2.0, USB 3.x)
  • Analog design
  • High-current design (500 A) / High-voltage design (800 V)
  • Cooling of PCBs (aluminum core)
  • DFM / DFT (Design for Manufacturing / Design for Testability: Layout optimized for production appropriate for testing)
  • Creation of a 3D model of the module; also as a 3D print
  • Internal design reviews

Layout systems:

  • Mentor Expedition
  • Mentor PADS
  • Altium Designer
  • CadSoft EAGLE
  • Mentor Integra Station

Layout process:

TQ assists you throughout every phase of the layout process:

  • Take charge of the circuit diagram as per your specifications
    • You’ll receive a circuit diagram in your CAD system for product perfective maintenance.
  • Import network list
    • The network list can be imported directly if a circuit diagram exists (saves time).
  • Placement / Routing
    • The design is created taking into account your specifications, and all requirements for manufacturing and testing the module. The layout staff member is your direct contact and shows you possibilities for optimization.
    • Internal review of placement and routing
    • An internal review ensures all requirements have been met.
    • Customer approval of placement and routing
  • A customer approval ensures your requirements have been correctly implemented.
  • Compilation of production data
  • Gerber data, data for manufacturing and test equipment
  • Internal review of production data
  • The review of the production data ensures your Gerber data has been generated correctly. Your module’s component mounting diagram is checked for reference legibility and clear polarity.

Layout data

We provide our customers with the following data:

  • CAD data for the circuit diagram and layout
  • Circuit diagram as a PDF
  • Component mounting plan as a PDF
  • Location plots as a PDF
  • Placement data
  • Gerber data (Extended Gerber with drilling data, PCB specifications and usage diagram)
  • Data for generating test equipment


You find detailed information about our development services (incl. layout) here:

  • Service description "Focus on: Layout"
Download Leistungsbeschreibung Layout
  • Service description "Focus on: Development"
Download Leistungsbeschreibung Entwicklung

Contact layout department:

Phone: +49 (0)8153 9308-0,

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