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TQ-E²MS software development

Embedded systems are used amongst others due to the modern possibilities of networking, they are becoming ever more complex and pose new challenges for both developers and manufacturers.

We face these challenges with our more than 30-member software development team, along with our strong development partner network, and provide you with tailor-made software solutions.

From hardware-related software components (e.g., UEFI BIOS, operating systems, microcontroller programming) to the development of complex software applications and more. also in the regulated environment (aviation, medical devices, functional safety systems).

We are strong in:

  • Requirements Engineering
    • We are happy to assist you in the collection of your requirements
    • Agile methods (e.g., SCRUM)
    • Requirements Based Engineering (tool-based and traceable requirements management)
    • UEFI BIOS customization to your custom hardware
  • Bootloader
    • Programming submarine, eboot, vxWorks bootloader, GRUB, QNX IPL for PowerPC, ARM, x86 architectures
  • Operating Systems and Board Support Packages (BSP)
    • Creation of Board Support Packages for PowerPC, ARM, x86 architectures in conjunction with Linux, VxWorks and Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)
    • Realization of device drivers/hardware interfaces to the operating system
    • Installation and configuration of Linux, vxWorks, freeRTOS, safeRTOS, ThreadX, PikeOS and Neutrino to the embedded system
    • Selection and integration of file systems
  • Libraries/middleware
    • Integration of libraries (e.g., CMSIS, Qt, OpenGL, DirectFB)
    • Customization, enhancement, and troubleshooting of third-party library functions
  • Logs
    • Adaptation, integration and development of services e.g. for Modbus, SNMP, CAN
    • Conception and implementation of any specific protocols
  • Applications
    • Application development including user interfaces (GUI) for your embedded platform for microcontroller and Linux systems
    • desktop applications
  • APPs, Web & Cloud Solutions
    • We connect your product with cloud services and portals
    • Development of PHP, JAVA, .NET and Node.js applications
    • Web applications with AngularJS, HTML5 and JAVA script
    • Native apps for mobile devices
  • Standards and processes
    • Software development according to EN9100 and DO-178B / C processes (DAL C-E)
    • Software development according to IEC 62304 and IEC 61508

At your request, we will also be happy to prepare the required specification sheets, system test cases and acceptance scenarios with you.

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